Nea Plagia

The beach City District of Nea Plagia with a population of 1,171 is historically linked with Plagia in Eastern Thrace. The first settlement was built in 1924 by refugees from Eastern Thrace. The original site was near the monastery Karamani placed on a swamp, where with the help of the monks built the first houses and gradually the swamp became a fertile land. The village was named Nea Plagia (New Plagia) to keep alive the memories of the old homeland.

Today, the visitor meets the beach of Nea Plagia along the village where the clean beaches host thousands of bathers during the summer months. Another characteristic of the village are the numerous parks with all kinds of flowers and trees which bring out the local flora.

How to reach us

By Car
From Thessaloniki towards Nea Plagia.

We offer free of charge transfer from and to "Macedonia Thessaloniki" SKG airport.


from Thessaloniki 56 km
from Thessaloniki airport 45 km
from Moudania 6 km
from Flogita 3 km
from beach 40 meters